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Tomorrowland Dual Audio oletala




Plot Dr. K.R. Vijay is a world-renowned scientist. He was working for a foreign company and his daughter was employed as a secretary. One day he decided to resign and take his daughter, along with him, in his personal jet. His daughter is named Padmini and she is about to graduate as a doctor. They arrive at a famous hotel in Japan. On their arrival, the air conditioning in the hotel is malfunctioning and K.R. Vijay tries to fix it. During this time, Padmini steps on a poisonous plant and inhales some dust which reacts with her medication and lowers her IQ and memory from 120 to 30. She is now in a coma. The local hospital, can't help and takes her to India for treatment. K.R. Vijay does not know that she is in a coma. While in India, K.R. Vijay starts to work as a doctor. His daughter is put in a government hospital where she recovers. To the relief of her father, Padmini eventually recovers, but she still has the same IQ and memory. K.R. Vijay decides to use a formula that he discovered, to raise Padmini's IQ and memory back to 120. He does this through injecting her with some injections. Unfortunately, he gets arrested for trying to sell a drug. K.R. Vijay is taken to the police headquarters, where he meets a local gangster who uses a little girl to beg for money and is also known for offering illegal medical procedures, similar to what K.R. Vijay has done for his daughter. After the gangster finishes paying off a cop, he sends his little girl away with the cop. K.R. Vijay notices a girl on a scooter, and she tells him that she has come from his city for the first time. K.R. Vijay takes the little girl to a house where she takes care of the housewife of the gangster. It is revealed that she is the gangster's little girl. The little girl has a vision of a young girl, Padmini. She also gets a phone call from the gangster. The girl gives K.R. Vijay the phone call, and the man tells her to tell her father to bring $5,000,000 to a specific date and time. K.R. Vijay goes to the police headquarters and asks for bail. He is told that the judge will decide on it after



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Tomorrowland Dual Audio oletala

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